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What is
Trithon 2023?

This is an inter college level coding challenge which identifies student from different colleges with innovative ideas to serve for the benefit of humanity in general. There is no registration fee to participate in this challenge. It is a multi level challenge, with rejection at each level. It's a non-stop product development competition, where problem statements are posed to technology students for innovative solutions. It can help to:

1. Harness creativity & expertise of students
2. Build funnel for new Startup company
3. Crowdsource solutions for improving governance and quality of life
4. Get chance to Win exciting cash prizes

HACKATHON THEME: Technological Intervention in Climate Change Challenges and Sustainability


Trithon Triplets-Women hackathon(Open Innovation)
Date: 18th October 2023

There will be an exclusive hackathon for 10 hours between 8 AM and 6 PM meant exclusively for the girl students in technical institutions of the state of Odisha. This will however be open to the participants to choose their own technology platforms to solve problems in the overall theme of Trithon-Triplets.

Registration Closed

Trithon Triplets- On Emerging Technology
Date: 18th October 2023

This will be an open hackathon both for boys and girls to solve problems under the overall theme of the Triplet event. However, the participants have to choose the problem and solve it employing technology from AI/IoT/Drones/Remote Sensing and GIS/Data Science and Analytics/Biotechnology including Bio-refinery and Bioprocess .

Registration Closed

Trithon Triplets 2023(Open Innovation)
Date: 19th & 20th October 2023

This will be an open hackathon meant for the boys and girls and will be the continuous uninterrupted event of 24 hours as usual from 11 am and the problem statement will be under the overall theme of this 3(Three) day event.

Registration Closed